Food For Fat Loss

Food For Fat Loss is my E-Cook Book range.

One of the biggest challenges the people i work with face, is knowing how to prepare healthy meals that taste great and provide variety whilst helping them lose weight.

After all eating clean, healthy foods for fat loss doesn’t have to be all about eating leaves and oat cakes!

Many of us know which foods to avoid when we are looking to lose weight and stay healthy, but not many of us realise just how many different foods you CAN still enjoy, whilst still achieving great results.

Such was the demand for a solution to this problem, I decided to create a website where my clients and other health enthusiasts could find quality cook books which gave them great tasting, healthy, fat burning meal ideas and recipes to follow.

All of the cook books featured on Food For Fat Loss are packed with deliciously clean, healthy meals, and even some amazing alternative solutions to those classic family favorites often demonised when dieting.

All of the cook books are in E-Book format, making them super convenient.

You can keep a copy on your laptop, phone and tablet if you wish!

There are cook books for everyone too!

 Guide to Cleaner Food for a Leaner Body  is a great place to start. This cook book, tells you exactly what to eliminate from your diet in order to improve your health and lose weight.

It contains 30 delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners, to help you plan simple and tasty meals the whole family will love!

A Veggies Guide to Eating Clean contains also 30 delicious Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners. This time to help you make quality meat free, familty friendly choices when planning your meals.

The great news for all those meat eaters out there is ALL of the recipes featured in the Veggie cook book are also delicious on there own or with your favourite meats added to them!

There is a Clean Curries cookbook and indeed a Sweets, Treats and Savory Snacks cook book coming soon!

So keep your eye’s peeled!


There is currently a special offer on a bundle purchase of both of the existing cook books, so be sure to click on the link at the bottom of this page and head over before it’s too late!