I left school as a chubby teenager some 14 years ago to work on a building site, never would I have dreamt that one day, I would be working in the fitness industry.

After 4 years working long days on building sites, eating out of cafés and pubs, I soon became even more overweight, and unhealthy.

Shortly after completing my apprenticeship I decided enough was enough! I was two stone over weight and in a job I didn’t love. So I headed to my local gym, back to college and studied to be a Personal Trainer.

Two years later I had lost two and a half stone, qualified as a Personal Trainer and was heading into a career, doing what I enjoy most…

Helping others achieve optimal health and well-being, so that they can live in a body they love, and get the most from life.

Many personal trainers and health coaches have never been on the other side of the fence. They have always been fit, sporty and able to east what they like.

Sadly for me I only have to look at a box of cakes to put on weight!

I’ve been there. I’ve been overweight, I’ve been depressed about my appearance, and I know how miserable it feels.

Along the way I’ve tried EVERYTHING. All the gizmo’s and gadgets, all the diets and pills.

I believe that my own experience of being overweight, with deteriorating health has given me the most valuable insight into what my clients are going through.

I understand what it’s like to battle with constant food cravings and sugar addiction.

I understand what it feels like to feel ashamed of your body and hate what you see in the mirror.

But thanks to my years of study and experience I also know exactly how to construct the best possible plan of action to help anyone out of that cycle, to implement the necessary lifestyle changes, and to come out of the other side, slimmer, healthier and more confident.

I’m not usually one for boasting, but check out my own transformation picture below. I’m really proud of what I have achieved here.

My own life changing experience spurred me into the fitness industry. Since then I have become the ‘go to guy’ for frustrated men and women looking to get in shape and improve their lifestyle.

I have had the pleasure of working with some truly amazing people. These people have helped my and my business  develop into what it has become today, and what it will be tomorrow.

I pride myself in providing the very best, fitness products and services on the market, and continue to help change the lives of women around the world.

This is reflected in my work as a Fitness Consultant for Cosmopolitan Magazine, contributing regularly both online and in the publication Cosmo Body.

Into the future, I continue to develop my business and strive towards my goal, of helping people reach their full potential.